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Chuyue Wang

Artist Statement

    I believe that art is a powerful tool for people to express their ideas and tell their own stories.  My story begins with a young girl chasing perfection. I wanted my life, everything to be perfect. My flawed way of thinking has blurred my understanding of what perfection really is, no wonder I have become so obsessed with seeking perfection. Now that I have grown-up and have been through some ups and downs, I realize that being a perfectionist is all in vain. There is no such thing that as perfect and complete. The perfect state of life is actually imperfection. We ought to find the extraordinary beauty inside imperfect things such as a broken chair, falling leaves, withered flowers, crescent moon…they are beautiful in their time and place. Therefore, my metal art pieces apply themselves to bring this idea of life philosophy to resonate with the audience.


    Each of my pieces tells its own story, giving meaning beyond the metals they use or the forms they may take. Looking back at my past work, my style has undergone a shift from realism to abstract and organic. The theme of my work has also shifted from childhood fantasy in the beginning to concern and reflection on life philosophy. The form has grown from simple objects to a combination of processes. In my senior installation, I applied abstract elements in my work to create natural patterns and organic forms depicting the beauty of imperfection.


    I feel I have found my true calling in art, yet my meandering path leading towards this has shaped who I am. I will always use art as a useful tool to express my thoughts on life and tell my story, to share and empathize with the world about what I see and feel.

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